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Youth Intrinsic Youth Technology combats the visible signs of aging at a foundational level to promote a more vibrant, youthful look. Each product reprograms all 3 layers of the skin to look younger and provide radiance and plumping...


Age defying - Reduces lines and wrinkles by 21% in 15 days and by 38% after 30 days

Reduces spots and blemishes by 81% over 28 days

Hydration of skin improves by 88% in 30 minutes

 Skin's ability to adsorb moisture increases by 59%

Reduces inflammation and redness 

Suitable for sensitive skins

 Increases collagen production by 144%

Corrects uneven pigmentation and age spots 

Skin roughness reduces by 12.7% in 14 days and 26.2% in 28 days

Repairs and prevents sun damage and more...

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Results received so far...

Marlene: ”I have used some good skin care in the past and it's served me well to a point, but never used a skincare that has totally healed my sun damaged skin. There’s an incredible difference in my skin.  This is because not only does it work with the skins Microbiome it also heals from the inside out, helping the skin to start acting as it did when we were young. This company have proved themselves pioneers by producing a skincare range that works with the skins Microbiome.”

Jane: "Am astonished. Have used the skincare for 4 days and already my skin is smoother and lines less deep! ?" 

Kim: "'About eight weeks ago, I started using the skincare. I felt apprehensive initially because for the last two years I have been using a range of very expensive products (£300.00 per pot) which can only be purchased through someone who is medically qualified. I didn't want to undo any good that I had done by changing to something different. However, because I have great faith in the company behind these products, I agreed because I knew they would be innovative.

I have been blown away by the results! Within days I saw a difference. My skin is much brighter, pigmentation (or age spots!) have reduced considerably. My skin feels firmer and thicker if that makes sense and feel thoroughly moisturised from morning to morning. I know that they are targeting the 'Microbiome' of the skin, looking at the ingredients and the science behind them, I know that they are very unique. I am also delighted that they fit perfectly in the price range of most 'upmarket' products. Also, they are certainly less than half the price of the products I was using before.”

Angie: “I am tempted to go into work without make-up on now! Although I was happy with my products I have never seen the changes in my skin as I have in just 3 weeks. The Melia’s (small white spots) I had went after 3 days. I used to use Organic skincare, since using these products, I realise that the previous range did not work”

Lyndsey: "I love how they stimulate cell regeneration so skin doesn't just look young - it actually acts/behaves as if it was young again, making a huge difference to your skin. I now do not need make-up/cover up/concealer as the tone becomes even, the surface is smoother and age spots disappear.”

Lynne: “The full set of 7 products is worth every penny as far as I'm concerned” 

Nicola: “My friend said to me” “Every time I see you, you look younger!”

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